How Haith’s Baits Attract Buyers from Overseas

Enterprise Growth Solutions delivers the contract for the Department for International Trade (DIT) in Yorkshire and the Humber. Read the success story of a business from the area who have benefitted from working with us and grown their sales overseas.

Grimsby-based Haith’s has been manufacturing high quality bird food since 1937. With 80 years of UK business behind them, Haith’s had spent a long time building a heritage brand when they decided to develop their exports.

Simon King, Associate Director, explains how the Department for International Trade (DIT) helped them to expand their business beyond UK shores.

Initially, overseas manufacturers would approach Haith’s and orders would be sent out on a reactive basis. However, when they wanted to become proactive and create an export strategy, they enlisted the help of DIT.

First Steps

One of their first challenges was to improve the internationalisation of their website. Understanding global SEO was a crucial element for their exporting success, enabling them to reach markets in the Netherlands, Italy, France and Germany.

“We’ve taken on UK accounts because they see that we export.”Simon King, Associate Director

By working alongside a DIT e-Commerce adviser, Haith’s could develop their SEO skills and soon saw an increase in sales.

In just eighteen months, they generated almost £60k from new accounts online, with these orders going on to become long-term clients that are now building their ranges around Haith’s products.

Exporting abroad can improve business at home

DIT’s support has proven valuable to Haith’s, and Simon speaks highly of the relationship he shares with his International Trade Adviser. By having access to a wealth of exporting knowledge, Haith’s has been able to develop their overseas trade and tackle any problems faster and more efficiently.

While international trade continues to improve, it’s also had an effect closer to home. Simon reveals that Haith’s has seen an increase in UK accounts as a result of exporting, demonstrating how going global can enhance a business’s reputation.