Exporter Spotlight: British Premium Sausages

British made products can be hugely successful overseas, particularly when it comes to the food and drink sector. British Premium Sausages have been exporting since they began two years ago. We caught up with Ian Cundell, Managing Director, to find out how exporting has grown their Bradford-based business.

Ian, tell us a bit about British Premium Sausages and how you got started in exporting.
The business was formed in 2016 by myself and Andy Dalton when we decided to specialise in the manufacturing of premium sausages, meatballs and burgers. We fell into exporting by accident! We were exhibiting at Sial Paris in 2016 and we originally went to find large UK-based foodservice customers, but while we were there we actually got a lot of interest from overseas visitors too.

Who is your market?
At the moment we’re exporting to Malta, Hong Kong, Denmark, Singapore and the Netherlands. We’re also exporting products into Jordan and we’re the only sausage manufacturer with the approval to sell pork into the market. We also exported bratwurst into Germany for two years too!

“Our single biggest export win was Hong Kong.”

Ian Cundell, Managing Director

How has exporting benefitted your business strategy?
Exporting has helped smooth out the effect of the seasonably quieter months of January, February and mid-August as these are key holiday periods in other countries. Exporting has also raised the profile of the business in the UK as there’s a lot of interest shown when it’s known that we export.

How has the Department for International Trade (DIT) supported you and British Premium Sausages?
DIT has an inside knowledge of overseas markets and stage workshops where we can learn more about exporting. It also helps when we want to visit potential markets, as the DIT will put together market visits and trade missions. Sometimes we don’t have to travel as DIT brings clients in from overseas to meet with producers here in the UK.

Speaking of trade missions, you recently had a successful trip to Gulfood in Dubai. Can you tell us more?
We attended Gulfood in 2018 to try and re-establish relationships with my client in Thailand, as well as meet clients from Hong Kong, Singapore, Jordan and Malta. We wanted to increase our sales through further opportunities and seek out new opportunities in new markets. As a result of the trip, we have seen an increase in sales to Malta and Hong Kong and we now sell bacon to Singapore. Since this trip our export sales have increased by approximately 15%.

Do you have any advice for companies who are currently undecided about exporting?
Yes, overseas markets are a great opportunity to grow your business, your margins, and raise the profile of your company. Exporting is not as daunting as you may think it is, and with the help of the DIT, it’s made even easier.

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