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5 Tips from Conversion Experts to Optimise your Website

A website gives you one chance to make the right impression to overseas buyers. Consider yours; would you say it clearly communicates the value of your expertise and the integrity of your offering? If the answer is no, it’s probably time to smarten up your digital shop window. We recently ran a one-hour webinar offering insights from Department for International Trade’s (DIT) International e-Commerce Advisor, Jessica McNally and award winning independent digital agency, Converted where they shared their five top tips to help you optimise your website to convert clicks into sales.

1: Start at the end.

Focus on the people at the end of the conversion process i.e. people within the checkout or where your call to action is. If people are at this point on your website then they’re pretty much ready to purchase, so by focusing on getting this part right you’ll turn more of your website visitors into customers.  Furthermore, if you have problem with this area and you’re pushing people to it by focusing your efforts elsewhere, your hard work is essentially wasted as you’re just going to lose people at the final step of converting them.

2: Consider how you measure results

Do you understand your customer’s journey? Do you understand what’s driving people to your website both online and offline? Analytics is how you make sense of data to find trends. Many businesses don’t invest in getting a strong level of analytical insight into their website to be able to understand their customers. Getting the correct methods in place is extremely important to be able to use the data you have to drive future decisions.

3: Review your website across multiple devices and browsers

It’s surprising how many people forget to check how their website looks on a mobile phone or the latest version of Windows for example. If 30% of your website visitors are using a device or software where your website doesn’t function correctly, then you’re instantly losing 30% of potential customers before you’ve even had chance to attempt to convert them.

4: Get user feedback from outside the office

You will have intimate knowledge of your business and so will the people who regularly connect with it, therefore it can sometimes be hard to see the wood for the trees. Obtain insight on your website from as many places and people as possible.

5: Understand your traffic

Understanding your website traffic is essentially understanding the visitors to your website; who they are; what device they’re using; where they click when they’re on your website. You might think that your website isn’t performing and the reason for this is because of an element on your website, however, it could simply be that you’re just driving the wrong type of traffic. Before you start analysing your web visitors, make sure you have defined your website’s goals so you know which data to concentrate on in order to measure your website’s success.

You can view the full webinar recording of the Smarten Up Your Digital Shop Window here

Converted are experts in the optimisation of online customer experiences for businesses around the globe. They are passionate about helping companies grow year-on-year. Working with SME’s to High Street brands, they have helped find solutions to difficult digital problems for over 10 years. From award-winning marketing campaigns and websites projects, to more complex strategic consultancy, they are well placed to help you come up with new ways to boost results online.

Department for International Trade’s International e-Commerce Advisers can help you to adapt your online channels for specific countries or languages, and offer funding to be used for the internationalisation of your website. Get in touch today for more information.