The Yorkshire Exporter #YorkshireDay2019

In the spirit of Yorkshire Day 2019, our Barnsley born Export Co-ordinator has provided an explanation of our Exporting for Growth grant for all those Yorkshire based companies looking to grow (don’t worry, if you’re not from Yorkshire we’ve included the translation below!).

“I want to talk abart Exporting For Growth or ERDF an its main supurt prugram supurtin lads n lasses to cell stuff ovur c’s frum Gods urn carnty… Exporting for Growth is won o it big ways we elp lads n lasses win ouders ovurc’s an mek jobs. We gi thi mune bak afte thas spent it an tha kan av upt t’ two grand. Its ar bit frumt us to thi. We dunt hav short arm un long pokets.

So cum along an get thi sen sum backin un reight proper elp, and get thi sen on a plain tu cell thi stuff tu world. B kwik tho it runs art tuther side o Christmas.”

Duncan Hoyland, Export Co-ordinator SCR


I want to update you on Exporting for Growth or ERDF.  It is the flagship export support programme in Yorkshire and the Humber supporting companies export their good and services overseas. Exporting for Growth is supporting companies win export orders and create jobs across the region.  Companies can access up to £2000 of support to support their export strategy and it our way of supporting your export activity. I’m sure you agree the scheme is generous.

We welcome new applications for the funding. Companies should be aware the programme finishes in 2019.

See if your business is eligible for Exporting for Growth or get in touch to begin your application.

*Enterprise Growth Solutions, in partnership with DIT is delivering the contract for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which provides £5 million of funding for first time, but also experienced exporters as part of the Exporting for Growth programme.