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Think you have a product or service with export potential? 

Never exported but eager to do so? Enterprise Growth Solutions can help your business maximise its export growth potential. And we can prove it.

International growth is an exciting prospect for your business – it can create faster business growth and make you more resilient – but how do you get there?

In a recent independent survey of businesses which have benefitted from our Exporting for Growth programme it was highlighted that those who received support experienced better progress in their export performance compared to those who didn’t and that the strategic advice from International Trade Advisers had helped businesses prioritise precious management time.

Infographic displaying the percentage of companies that have experienced commercial benefits

90% of businesses surveyed have seen internationalisation commercial benefits, either more quickly, by a larger scale or both, than had they not worked with us.


When asked about the export barriers faced by businesses before they accessed support from EGS, such as export management skills, language and culture and accessing finance, 85%* of respondents stated the barriers were going to be overcome as a direct result of accessing the support.

The survey proved that more and more businesses like just yours are starting to export. 73% of people who received support through the project had already achieved new export orders or will achieve them imminently.

It’s not just bottom-line profit that’s increasing; 60% have or will employ new staff.

The evidence of capability enhancing just keeps coming too; 77% of respondents claimed that they have already or will improve their capability to internationalise; whereas the credibility, reputation and profile was enhanced for 84% of the sample.

Although we know that a little bit of extra funding helps to kick-start that overseas visit, or internationalising websites, it seems that what motivated people to seek advice from EGS is business growth and realising tangible opportunities with overseas contacts.

57% of respondents said they were motivated to engage with the Exporting for growth programme because they wanted to achieve growth and profits, 49% wanted to find out about international markets, and 30% were looking for EGS to help explore specific or existing export opportunities.

Through the access to International Trade Adviser expertise, global networks and to partner support; the ERDF programme creates linkages where they weren’t previously there.

It’s not just that we know what we’re talking about; we’re good at it too; and if this research is anything to go by.

92% of people surveyed said that the support received from EGS met or exceeded their expectations. Across a range of aspects of support from our International Trade Advisers, from professionalism and the knowledge of the trade adviser, through to the actions that were identified and the speed of response, those that received support scored EGS better compared to those who received support from elsewhere.

Being a successful exporter is something to be proud of…..and we are certainly proud of our independently verified survey results.

We strongly believe that we can make a difference to your growth strategy too and help you maximise your export growth potential. So why not get in touch today.


*85% of beneficiaries stated that they were ‘Definitely’, ‘Very Probably’ or ‘Probably’ going to be overcome as a consequence of the support

Independent research conducted by Kada Research on behalf of Enterprise Growth Solutions. Enterprise Growth Solutions, in partnership with the Department for International Trade, is delivering the contract for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which provides £6.3 million of funding for first time, but also experienced exporters as part of the Exporting for Growth programme.