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Amazon FBA changes, UK Transition and International Opportunity

August 27 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Online

From the 1 of January 2021, the UK Transition agreement with the EU will end, Amazon will break the link for ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ (FBA) between the UK and EU countries, and the UK will be free to establish it’s on Trade Agreements around the world. This will have a significant impact on your business – your strategy for selling on Amazon into Europe will change and it’s likely there will be new Customs and Tariffs for shipping goods into Europe, both in bulk consignments to fulfilment centres and for individual sales to consumers.

There is also the opportunity to target other regions around the world and in this webinar we’ll take a look at marketplaces in North America, New Zealand and Australia where you can grow your business on platforms other than Amazon and DIT can assist you to get started.

In this webinar you will discover
Amazon FBA changes changes – January 2021

  • FBA users using EFN will no longer be fulfilled across the UK-EU border
  • What the changes mean for sellers;
    • Moving inventory
    • VAT registration in EU5
  • Reminder that EU sellers will have to do the same if they want to continue selling in UK. A potential positive for the domestic market

Other opportunities to consider
  • As mentioned above, the domestic market might become less saturated on Amazon
  • Other regions to consider which are relatively easy as they are English speaking and do not require a lot of translation work
    • North America
    • New Zealand
    • Australia

Tom Dixon, E-Exporting Programme & Ecommerce team
Tom is an Ecommerce Specialist within the E-Exporting programme at DIT, developing the UK Government’s digital export strategy, delivering support to UK companies, and advancing ecommerce as a mechanism to the grow the British economy.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) helps businesses export, drives inward and outward investment, negotiates market access and trade deals, and champions free trade. Tom and the E-Exporting programme help UK companies to sell through online channels specifically.

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