Work For Us

Joining our team means working face-to-face with small businesses, collaborating with them, and giving them the support they need to reach the heights of their potential. Or, behind the scenes, finding ways to deliver a service that’s shaping the future.

As part of our expert team, you can expect to:

  • Feel inspired
    • To create new ideas, seize opportunities, and do things a different way
  • Be accountable
    • To take responsibility for your decisions and enjoy the success of your work
  • Be open
    • And build valuable relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Act with conviction
    • Knowing you’ve got the support of the entire team – win, lose or draw

Enterprise Growth Solutions is part of the Exemplas group of companies, delivering the Department for International Trades contract in Yorkshire and the Humber. As such we have a subtly different focus from our parent company, but we share the same unrelenting standards. Wherever your role, you’ll be valued, supported and encouraged every step of the way

Current vacancies:
If you are interested in joining us please contact us